Unlocking Success: Avoid These 7 Common Mistakes Damaging Your Florist Business

How beautiful is it when Ralph Emerson says, The earth laughs in flowers. In addition, he asserted that a florist business could reimagine the most exquisite flowers in the world by incorporating laughter into their design.

In a world where everyone deserves flowers, you are a florist.

Being a florist brings a lot of responsibilities into your hands, like financing, operations, staffing, flower care, hygiene environments, customer satisfaction, supplier networks, and whatnot.

7 Common Mistakes Damaging Your Florist Business

Management of everything as a florist business owner can be anxious and rigid sometimes, which might lead to a fall in business. To avoid the emerging pitfalls in your florist business and unlock success, exclude the following inaccuracies and oversights:

Financial matters

It is not a new term for all of you florists out there. Starting from hard goods costs to delivery charges, everything is balanced with money.

The common mistakes that a florist makes when pricing,

LOW PRICING: Suppose, You plan to use the low pricing of your goods as a competitive advantage. Given the competition in the florist industry, you might believe that cutting your rates will attract more customers. The likelihood is slim because prominent businesses in the market might still produce profits even if they cut prices in opposition to you.

This could make your strategy work against you, replacing your chances of making money with unpredictable losses.

PRICE SHIFTS: Price fluctuations exist in every industry, mainly in the florist industry. The first thing to note is that not all seasons are equally busy. Budgeting your flowers is vital at times like that.

Assume that you bought your flowers in regular bulk, but it is the season of occasions. There are more customers here than on typical days. However, if you face a shortage of flowers, it is a loss of revenue.

In another case, you bought your flowers despite your usual stash. Unfortunately, no customer checked in. It is a significant waste of beautiful blossoms and a cost loss.

HOW TO PRICE YOUR COMMODITIES TO AVOID LOSSES: It is profitable to practice a cost-based model in your florist business. A cost-based model is something that is used in many small businesses to earn profits. You add a percentage margin to the total costs of making your products to get the final retail price.

For instance, your goal is to achieve 70% profit margins. Make a note of these points to accomplish your goal.

  • Your flowers often carry a markup of three to four times their wholesale price.
  • Hard goods typically have a markup of two to five times their cost.
  • Depending on the complexity of the design, the design charge must range from 30 to 50% when expressed as a percentage.

In a florist business, cost-based pricing looks like this:

The use of charm pricing can also attract customers to you. Charm pricing involves pricing that ends in 9 and 99. It entices more customers, as they tend to round numbers down rather than up.

Marking up your prices in contrast with your costs is necessary. Also, avoid additional expenditure on flowers, materials, designs, etc. These could bring losses from various paths.

Staff management

It gets challenging to run your florist business all by yourself. We suggest you hire limited members to help you run the business smoothly.

There are two kinds of staffing that can be deleterious:

OVERSTAFFING: Overstaffing may keep the employment rate down, but it also decreases productivity. It becomes a hindrance to the development of your florist business.

  • Overlapping of customer orders due to a lack of effective communication.
  • More employees, fewer customers.
  • It is impossible to divide work evenly.
  • Overhead costs increase.

UNDERSTAFFING: It is as problematic as being overstaffed. Employing only a few staff members makes it difficult to manage everything efficiently. Imagine how difficult it is for one person to complete the work of four others. Exactly. So hard.

It is beneficial to hire part-timers in your florist shop. Because part-timers have fewer hours to work than full-timers, they can charge lower wages. Shift scheduling is also easier for part-timers.

  • Excessive workload on existing staff.
  • Unfinished tasks  due to fewer workers.
  • Unable to reach business goals.
  • Quality of work is likely to be reduced.

HOW TO OVERCOME THESE OBSTACLES: We recommend that your shop employ at least two full-time employees and that the remaining employees work part-time. You can increase or decrease your staff members based on the scale of your business.

Benefits of proper staff management

  • Reduced conflicts.
  • The staff acts as helping hands in your business.
  • Build relationships.
  • Scope of getting referrals from your employees.
  • Achieving goals within the scheduled timeline.

Flower care / horticulturist

Many florist businesses follow various kinds of flower prep. One or two shops follow high-quality flower care that induces a large customer base to purchase from them.

But some hush up the act of prep by using chemicals and coverups. If you follow natural and regular flower care, that’s great!

Now note down the following tips to enhance your flower care:.

  • Keep your buckets or vases clean to protect flowers from lingering bacteria.
  • Ensure the water is fresh and maintain the temperature based on the plant requirements. Just like us, flowers like clean water.
  • Trim about 2–3 cm from the bottom of the stems at a 45-degree angle.
  • Protect your flowers from direct sunlight to prolong their existence.
  • Get rid of any wilted flowers. They can spread to others.
  • Do not add excess water. It reduces oxygen in the soil, which leads to damaged roots. They show the same symptoms as plants under drought stress.
  • For roses, de-thorn their stems. It is to not only avoid floral injuries but also to abstain from scraping against other trunks.

Neglecting flower care is the prime mistake any florist could make.

Customer satisfaction

What’s the point of owning a florist business when you can’t satisfy your customers with your flowers? Like, “Flowers show rather than tell.” Your customers might not tell you their feedback and show it by simply stopping visiting your shop.

Mistakes to avoid to attain maximum customer satisfaction:

Not updating your accessibility

Customers can find and order from you only if you let them know you are open, where you are, and how to reach you.

Not communicating

We can’t stand if someone is disrespecting us. Then how do you expect your customers to revisit when they lack attention?

Value your customers as if they mean a lot to you.

Offer refunds or a future discount to customers who are dissatisfied with your service, keep them informed of their delivery status, and respond to their inquiries frequently.

Not upgrading regularly

Presenting an outdated product or design on your web page can be portrayed as deceiving your customers. Be sure to keep your blog posts, prices for the arrangements and flowers, and the latest patterns up to date.

Also, make sure to discard old designs, unavailable flowers, and irrelevant information.

Restore the trust and loyalty of your customers by providing them with the latest trends, models, and unique flower pieces.

Delayed deliveries

Slow deliveries imply poor planning and improper task scheduling. It gets burdensome to retain your customers if you delay your order dispatches.

One best way to avoid delays is to preplan all the tasks.

  • Keep blossoms in stock a week before the impending occasions.
  • Stockpile your imperishable materials, such as wrap covers, fertilizers, tapes, ribbons, trimming equipment, aprons, and cultivating kits.
  • Ensure on-time dispatching of orders and no delay in delivering your orders.
  • Pre-book your transport vehicles and condition them properly to avoid flower damage.

So how do you ensure customer satisfaction amidst the loads of work you handle? Leave it on Picktime! It is the go-to solution for all florist needs and requirements.

Picktime is a free web-based florist appointment scheduling platform that does more than it says. It streamlines the booking and scheduling processes, eliminating the need for manual administrative tasks. It provides a variety of features, such as

  • Easy appointment booking
  • Automated scheduling
  • Automated reminders
  • Payment management
  • Delivery management
  • Staff management, and more.

With Picktime, florists can manage their team by assigning tasks automatically, tracking the work progress, and connecting the team even if they work remotely. It also helps florists optimize their scheduling process without human intervention. Picktime is integrated with secure third-party applications that make it easy to manage virtual meetings or interviews, payments, booking widgets, and more. Look no further and make Picktime an integral part of your business.

Marketing your services

There are two ongoing trending markets for flowers. One is the aesthetic and gifts market, while the other is the wedding and funeral market.

The tragic effect of COVID-19 withered people’s lives just like flowers under no light. Florists are trying their best to bring back happiness all over the world. However, the absence of efficient marketing channels is making it difficult for them to promote their products and services.

Open your gates for emerging marketing benefits:

Social media profiles: From the views of social platforms, we got to know that present Millennials are into themes like cottage-core, royal core, clean girl aesthetics, and florals, which were the trend during the past summer.

It is crucial to have social media profiles to understand and adapt to the latest trends. Post your events, conduct meetings, manage communities, prepare flyers, and share them in your profiles. You can also put up a “Book Now” widget on your profile page.

Free delivery: Offer free flower delivery services to local areas, regular customers, and NGO events. To elevate your reputation and leads for your florist store.

Encourage feedback: Reviews from customers influence your fame in the industry. A negative remark is to rectify your blunders in future events, while a positive one generates encouragement.

Start your website: Start your website to make it easier for customers to reach you and book your services at their convenience.

A website is also for sharing your moments and achievements to let your clients know about your services. Web page represents your brand.

Pro tip: Sign up for Picktime. Get a personalized booking page for your florist business to enable customers to order your services. It helps florists provide an easy and convenient booking process for their customers. It is easy for both admins and customers, as it can organize customer details for the admin and help customers choose services without having to make phone calls. Picktime also enables advanced online payments and instant invoicing through a single app, stores customer booking data, manages daily bookings, and assigns delivery staff to each customer based on their working hours.

Workplace environment

The elemental and primary imagination of a florist shop:

A vast area filled with numerous flower types, scented sticks everywhere, birds chirping, and butterflies flying around.

Through the influence of novels, this is how one imagines a florist shop would look.

Yes. It does look like that in real life, too. It is only possible when you, as the florist, invest your time and skills into making your workplace look relishing.

But what if not? What if the store smells awful? What if the flowers are not fresh and attractive? What if the prices are too high? There are many what-ifs from the customer’s perspective too. Meet your customer expectations by:

  • Place scented candles and sticks around the store to ensure a pleasant and sweet scent.
  • Follow the former flower care tips to keep your flowers fresh and attractive.
  • Set up affordable and reasonable prices while maintaining your profit margins.
  • Put up names and tags for the flower families. Many people are not so familiar with flowers or their honorifics. Make it easy for them.
  • It is soothing to play mellow music to calm customers.
  • Put a notice in front of your store stating that you are inaccessible to serve them, so they know it in advance. Do this at least one day before your leave.

During the wrap up

Last but not least, we will wrap up this topic with this.

Tell me honestly, what makes a product instantly attractive? You can’t deny it—the cover. Even the differentiation of a product comes from the packaging itself.

PLASTIC PACKAGING: Many florists use plastic flower wraps to make bouquets. The flowers are biodegradable, but not plastic. So, people should cut back on their abundant usage of plastic.

As a florist, it is your responsibility to ensure a green earth. Save the globe by reducing the wastage of plastic and other hazardous materials in packing flowers.

  • Newspapers: The latest trend is to wrap flowers in newspapers, which gives an aesthetic outlook to the flowers and people’s outfits.
  • Recycled paper: Most of the recycled paper is brown. The mix of newspaper and brown or beige paper is eco-friendly and trendy.
  • Jute ropes: Tying a small bunch of flowers with jute brown threads can save your package material costs to a certain extent.

These are a few alternatives for packing flowers.

Unlock the garden stuck behind the woods. As a florist business, you will find a whole new world by using the tips cited above.

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