Interesting things to know about current T-shirt printing technology

T-shirt printing is currently becoming a trend that is loved and widely used by young people because of the positive effects it brings. However, to get a beautifully printed T-shirt product, people can use many different printing technologies. So please refer to the following article to fully understand the popular shirt printing methods being widely used for custom t shirt printing service providing today to choose a suitable printing method for yourself.

T-shirt silkscreen printing technique

Silk printing, also known as screen printing, is the most common and popular printing technology today used to print many types of products, not just in t-shirt printing . The name silk printing comes from the fact that when this printing technique was first formed, the mesh of the printing mold was made of silk. However, today the printed stencil mesh is replaced by many different materials

This T-shirt printing technology has many advantages such as: low cost when making large quantities, very fast printing speed, bright colors and the shirt is not hardened by a thin layer of ink.

There are also certain disadvantages when using this T-shirt printing method : long waiting time for ink to dry, difficulty printing many colors or designs that require high color gradation.

T-shirt digital printing technology

Digital printing technology is the most modern t-shirt printing technique today. This is a technology based on machine automation, where digital images are analyzed and printed directly to produce products immediately.

Using digital T-shirt printing technology, it is possible to produce large quantities of products immediately with high quality; Can be printed on any material; diverse printed images; True, durable printing colors; The shirt is not stiff because the ink absorbs quickly; Can be printed even in very small quantities.


Heat transfer printing technology on shirts

Heat transfer printing technology appeared in 1981 by a Japanese corporation. This is a digital printing technology applied to paper and some other materials by heating the ribbon coating to make it stick to the material to be printed. This is a technology commonly used in the fashion field, especially printing on t-shirts .

This method brings many advantages: low input costs; Simple technique, takes little time; Can be printed in small quantities; The finished product is of high quality, durable and sharp.

However, it also has disadvantages: printing materials are not as diverse as other technologies; The best material to use is a light-colored material; Requires technicians to have experience in the printing process.

T-shirts printed using heat transfer printing technology

Technique for printing decals on shirts

The technology of printing decals on shirts is being chosen by many customers. This is a technique applied to images with many complex details, many colors or color transitions.

Print heat transfer decals on shirts

There are many types of decal printing such as:

Heat press decal: when printing T-shirts with images of letters or numbers with embossed surfaces, it will create an interesting and exciting feeling.

Reflective and luminous decals: often used for work uniforms and protective gear. However, nowadays this type of printing is used by many young people to print shirts to create personality and style, or use them when going on trips.

Heat decals in bright colors to press numbers and letters onto clothes

3D embossed decal: with this printing method, the surface of the decal usually hugs the inside, creating a bulging, round feeling. This t-shirt printing technology is currently quite popular, however the cost of this printing is often higher than previous decal printing types.

Be careful when choosing the right printing technology

Each printing technology has certain interesting things, advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, when choosing t-shirt printing , you should clearly determine the purpose, number of products to be printed, printed motifs, cost and desired quality of finished products to make the optimal and suitable choice for you. .

Where to print quality, reputable t-shirts?

The demand for printing uniforms, t-shirts, summer shirts, couple shirts… of consumers today is very large, at the same time, there are also many factories, facilities and t-shirt printing companies established to meet market demand. That’s why consumers have many difficulties in choosing a reputable facility among the matrix of businesses.

In addition to the cost factor, customers should pay special attention to the T-shirt printing technology that the printing unit uses, product quality as well as the printing experience of that unit in printing phoenix fabric to meet all your needs. customers across the country.

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